Fluxkraft - self-hosted and flexible web automation

Fluxkraft is your personal self-hosted, open and powerful web automation tool.
Connect and automate services like Facebook, Dropbox, your blog, your CRM and your projectmanagement-software.

Powerful Web Automation

Fluxkraft is designed to be very powerful. For example, you can add multiple accounts and apps per service. The number of integrated services is increasing every week, and there are already plenty of actions, conditions and events to use.

Open and Extensible

fluxkraft is Open Source Software. This means you are free to download, modify, extend or distribute. Adopt it as you need it. Do you want to integrate your personal web service or connect your Raspberry Pi? Here you go. The fluxkraft community is constantly improving the system, integrating new, popular services and working on documentation.

No vendor lock-in

Because fluxkraft is Open Source you are free to extend and to install it on your own server. As a result, you are not dependent on a single service provider. No surprises, just long-term reliability and sustainability.

Ideal for Content Marketing

As fluxkraft is so deeply integrated into the Drupal Content Management System it is an ideal tool for your content marketing. Send and schedule tweets to promote your content, post comments on Facebook or enhance content with your flickr or dropbox images. Be creative.

Own your Data

fluxkraft runs on your own server. You decide where the server is situated and who has access to it. It is your own system where all authentications and rules are stored. In addition, you are free to export and import all your rules. Trust yourself, not others.

CMS Integrated

Integrated into Drupal™ Drupal is one of the most adopted Content Management Systems worldwide. fluxkraft's UI is based on Drupal and all modules are published on drupal.org. Multiple Drupal specific actions, conditions and events are also available; for example you can react on new comments, user registrations or the creation of new entities.

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For further release details please see the project page on drupal.org: https://drupal.org/project/fluxkraft_distro



Although initiated by drunomics, fluxkraft is a community project, published as Open Source Software.

The project needs your help to really take off!

There are multiple ways you can contribute to the fluxkraft project:

Fluxkraft has been sponsored by netidee - powerful innovations and is powered by the Fluxkraft community.