About acolono GmbH

Philosophy and principles

We believe in Open Source

We use Open Source Software when possible. And we contribute back. 

We have high standards and follow quality guidelines

We do not only create websites. We create high quality web projects using the most recent technology. We measure quality and improve consistently. 

Our client’s success is our success

We build what we believe in. We carefully choose our clients. Every client has our full commitment. We believe in our client’s goals. We measure our client’s success, and we iterate and improve.

We believe in long lasting business relationships

Going live is not the end. A website needs to be supported. Goals need to be measured. Theories need to be tested. Working agile is the key.

Team spirit is everything

We provide a pleasant working environment. We like doing our work. We are transparent and have good and healthy relationships with our clients.

Crowd Watching Drupal Cinema Zapping at Drupal Ironcamp
Nico Grienauer

How we work

Following standards

Following standards is important. We follow the official Drupal 8 Standards published on drupal.org. We have also a good understanding what modules should be used, so that we deliver the de-facto standard Drupal stack to our clients. This makes it easier to switch service providers or to cooperate.


Before we start creating any layout or css in Drupal, we build all website components using a styleguide. After having fixed html, css and js for every component, we start to work in Drupal. Advantages: Our designers are completely free to define all html, without any special Drupal markup. The markup and design can also be used in other applications. Creating components and implementation in Drupal can be split up in teams.


When starting projects, a responsive web design should not be something to throw in at the end. Responsive web design should be the standard for all projects from the beginning. Why? Because responsive design is not about making a design squish to fit phones, tablets, and desktops; it is really a methodology to deliver content in a compelling and performant manner regardless of how a user chooses to access that content. And starting with the mobile layout is the best way to make this happen.


Setting goals is important. But to determine the level of success that you achieve, you must be able to measure your progress. If you measure, you’re more likely to succeed. This is why we’re eager to define metrics for client projects, but also for the performance within the organisation.


We are using Scrum to build projects in a more collaborative environment with constant communication between all roles involved in a project. We believe that sticking to this process, a better product will be built in the long run, and those involved in the development will not be exhausted or burnt out by the process.

Continuously delivered

We believe that working agile isn’t really agile without continuous delivery. Continuous integration, built-in testing, constant monitoring, and analytics feedback help to increase the ability to react, to reduce risks and increases flexibility.