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Trigger actions online with a simple button

OpenTrigger - trigger actions online with a simple button

TL;DR: We're closing the gap between the physical and the online world with a physical button.

Trigger actions with physical buttons via bluetoothLE (very cheap, batteries last for ~2 years, no wire needed), solid wired buttons or a mobile web-application and, soon, using sensors as well.

Base-Station can handle complex operations, with many expansion options (SMS, power relay, sensors, …), triggered actions could start functions on the base-station, sent to a cloud service or trigger directly other services on the internet.

Open-Source is our way to go! Basic software and hardware will be Open Source, so everyone can participate.

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News around the Open Trigger ecosystem

News around the Open Trigger ecosystem

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Reveal your superpower

Actions can be triggered in several ways:

  • Bluetooth LE Beacon button
    Our custom created buttons are available soon :)
  • 6LoWPAN mashed network button
  • GSM Version via T-Mobile Box
  • Wired solutions
  • Smartphone Triggers
    open an url and an action is triggered or click on a custom made webapp to do the same
  • Chatbots
    as a PoC we built a Telegram Bot


Open Source Projects we built

Github Project Page

Overview of all Open Source Components of the project on Github. Feel free to star the project ;)

Github Page


The documentation of the project in gitbook. Read the docs


Converter for the bluez data stream (Bluetooth driver layer) into a processable format (HEX stream, Wireshark compatible) and passes it to the Message Queue. Could run on a router passing data through a SSH tunnel. Get the Source Code


Add support to the flic hardware buttons Flic Support


Support for hardware buttons. Community contribution during the Internet of Things CreateCamp Vienna 2017 #iotccvie bttn Support


Filter for the messages from the raw channel and creates cleaned and filtered channels for the use with follow-up systems. get the Source Code

nRF51 Hardware Button

Firmware for the nRF51 bluetooth hardware device.

get the Firmware

6lowpan Hardware Button

Software for a 6LoWPAN Hardware version with LED support. add 6LoWPAN Hardware Support

Mobile Button

Button WebApp for OpenTrigger. Fire up your iOS, Android or Windows Phone WebApp -> Done :). get the WebApp Code


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